VideoTouch is a new asynchronous video distribution service for business use, released by Viibar Inc. 
VideoTouch will change the way businesses use video, making it incredibly easy, fast, and effective.
With VideoTouch, Viibar aims to dramatically change how business uses video and pushes the boundaries of what is possible for society and people.

VideoTouch stands out for its consistent service flow.
● Easy recording and editing of video content
● Easy distribution to end-users
● Analysis, improvement, and utilization of viewing data

In the design of the brand symbol, in addition to the above, we kept in mind that it should be easily recognizable as a video distribution service.
● 動画コンテンツを簡単に収録・編集
● エンドユーザーへの容易な配信
● 視聴データの分析・改善・活用


The new brand symbol decided from several plans, consists of a circular shape and three colors representing the consistent flow that characterizes the service. Also, a play button was added as a component that reminds of a video distribution service for many people.
Moreover, the circular shape also represents the end-users continuously using VideoTouch's customer service, which realizes customer success.

● Consistent service flow: 
Simple recording, editing, and delivery of video. In addition to this, the service flow includes analysis, improvement, and utilization of viewing data.

● Play button: 
A play button that reminds the user that it is a video streaming service.

● 一貫したサービスフロー: 

● 再生ボタン: 

VideoTouch launched in April 2021. It is steadily acquiring its customers.

Client: Viibar inc.
Logo concept & design: Hiromi Maeo (enhanced Inc.)

2020 Tokyo, Japan

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