TECHWAVE is a Japanese new WEB which connects people and the community to an enterprise and works to bring innovation to the consciousness of people and the way of society by managing an event, developing a new business, and focusing on a variety of channels while concentrating on delivering technology related news all over the world. Since they to the revitalization of the economy in Japan, they perform cooperating with a real capable innovator and aim to be an ultimate owned media which supports them.

The name of TECHWAVE is composed of two words, TECH and WAVE. TECH, Technology, is the most effective and efficient in order to produce the best innovation while advancing people, community, the consciousness of an enterprise, and a society. Also, WAVE is a movement that is produced by their information and activities in order to bring innovation to people's life, consciousness, and society.
People's consciousness changes and social innovation do not occur in seconds. Even if a wave is small, it will spend a long time and continue changing the shape of the earth. As this small wave will change the shape of the earth bigger gradually, people's consciousness is slowly changing the way by their every single activity, and they will transfer to the new stage while following the steps. As a result, it will lead to the innovation of the entire society.

Business model and the strength of TECHWAVE
Business model and the strength of TECHWAVE consists of five points respectively.
"5" has become a foundation of the elements that makes up the new symbol.
Metaphor of symbol
The new symbol of TECHWAVE is composed of 5 metaphors.

● Hidden letter “T”: Technology to support the consciousness innovation of people from an invisible part
● Letter “W”: The wave of information that TECHWAVE media handles
● Partnership: People, Community, Enterprise, Writers guild, and Imaginia network.
● Growth chart: Economic revitalization, Innovation by technology, Transfer to the new stage
● Accumulation: Accumulation of small uniqueness
Various channels of TECHWAVE are contained in one logo system and represented by a combination of color and name. Primary logo and a variety of channels brings the looks that are visually standardized and unified by this logo system.

●Re:Work: Focus on the transformation of the ways of working and re-define "work" in a variety of themes. (E.g. Skill, HR, Cloud, Remote Work, Organization, Creation, etc.)

●Re:Life: Focus on sense of human rights and lifestyle (Concept of technology). Challenge to solve a problem that contains  live itself by technology.

●Content: Focus on content business which is led by music.

●Deploy: Define HTML5 and the technology trends that are associated with it as a kay industry in the future in Japan and focus on not only implement, but also what a development which brings innovation to people's life, conciousness, and society.

●Global: Focus on global-oriented. Cooperate with Softnic ( and jointly develop a specific global development promotion plan, etc.

●Digital Health: Cooperate with "digital-health connects" which is an event of Infocom, Teijin group company, and focus on future health and medical treatment.

●Education: From children to adults, focus on the way of education in the future.
Range of work: Identity construction, Stationary (Business card, sticker, T-shirts, and more)

2015 TOKYO, Japan

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