VALORS which was established in 2011 has greatly contributed to the development of Japanese solar power business. They regarded FIT, Feed-in Tariff for renewable energy, which was carried out in Japan in 2012 as a chance and started a planning, construction, and sales of solar farm. “Understandability,” “relief and safety,” and “high quality” are the keywords, and they have changed an investment entry to the large-scale solar power generation business to become easier, which used to be difficult for general people to enter. 
However, FIT also became a trigger that produces the of Japanese solar power industry. A mixture of good and bad, we clearly define the positioning of VALORS while a various solar power generation business are mingled. In 2012, we started a re-branding in order to make a distinction between other business people.

The purposes of branding
1. VI construction that aims to build a customer’s sense of security and confidence in the same strong industry in investment aspects.
2. Building brand collateral that gives confidence to the customers by the simple and clean looks.
3. Building a corporate image dealing with high quality products and services.
4. Promotion of correct recognition and spread of solar power generation investment business. (On / Off policy)
5. Internal employees’ reform of sense.
6. Approach to build a long-term good relationship with customers.
7. To facilitate entering solar power investment business, which used to be difficult for general people.
8.  and development of regional economy in depopulated areas due to the large-scale solar power plant construction.
The company’s name, VALORS, means “value” in Latin. We first thought about what this “value” is. The value in modern economics is defined as human wants and desires and is the nature that meets the physical and mental desires of human beings. If human mutual desire is the same, a value would not be produced. However, if there is diversity in the desire, each person can obtain a benefit from an exchange. The benefit is the value, and it can be said that the value is diversity. (Diversity = Value)
So, we set the following three as a metaphor of the symbol of VOLORS.

1. ”Rainbow” which symbolizes a diversity and means a rut of promise with customers.
2. ”The sun” which is the source of solar energy.
3. ”Jewelry” which symbolizes irreplaceable thing.

The produces a rainbow is the one and only existence human beings, and it can be said that it is supreme jewelry.
Company stationary
VALORS has visually unified the looks of company stationary which had not been unified before. This made to improve the impression that a recipient feels against them. Also, they have established about 50P brand guidelines which defines the use of the design. This design has also taken up by some overseas web sites of design.

Special brochure
Special brochure of the company products, large-scale solar power plants for investment, for purchase prospective customers. It has information that customers can deal with solar power generation business without anxiety, such as an easy to understand detailed description of solar power business, a detailed explanation and compensation for the equipment for long-term use, and so forth. We have involved in not only design production, but also a planning stage of this scheme. Also, we have repeated discussions with the company how we should do in order to obtain a sense of security and confidence as a company. 
Uniform for workers
Workers who construct a solar power plant are a face for the company and are one of the important touch points with customers. Therefore, we have discussed more with the workers than the beginning, and we have created and coordinated an uniform and a helmet for their working time. This improved their sense of belonging to the company, and it also produced a firm pride towards their own work and greatly contributed to differentiate from other companies. Moreover, it has largely contributed to enhance the quality of the applicants at the time of employee adoption.
Immobilized seats used to be very wasteful for the company that the majority of workers are sales staffs who work outside a lot and construction workers. There are three clusters that can be divided upon the company’s request that they want to establish a seat for permanent staffs while having some meeting spaces. (The three clusters are in response to the metaphor of the symbol.) The clusters are composed of six desks and can be used as a large meeting space by connecting. Also, there is a bar space for the staffs who stop by the company can relax at the end of work. All of the desks were connected in the central space, and a social gathering among main customers, domestic and foreign solar power manufacturer maker, and the company was held. Various “values” were born by having a diversity of spatial structure.
Website of the company is successively modified according to the current of the times. Major modification with a website structure changes is held about once a year. This is the third modification when counting from the beginning of branding. In addition to the website design, we have conducted online measures, such as listing, SEO, and so on.
Symbol of value
Branding we did was successful, and the total sales amount of VALORS grew up to about 2,500% from 2012 to 2014. (It is about 10,000% in total order amount.) A symbol of VALORS became a symbol of the “value” for both company and customers.
Long-term branding
In 2015, VALORS expanded to have three new departments in their business form. 

1. Construction sales business of solar farm.
2. Solar farm maintenance business for the purpose of maximizing investment profits of customers.
3. Renovation of accommodation that is utilized the know-how cultivated in solar power and inbound business to support hospitality to tourists.

These are the new business forms that aim to realize the mission, “To achieve both contributions to the environment and growth promotion of the local economy and to create a cultural and an attractive town,” and the keywords of “relief and safety,” “high quality,” and “understandability,” have not been changed even today.
We are continuing the long-term brand building support of VALORS that will never end in a transient.
Client: VALORS
Agency: OUT AND ABOUT Co., Ltd.
Movie: Futone Inc.

Range of work: Identity construction, VI guideline, design consulting, brand identity collateral (company brochure, special company brochure, various stationary e.g. business card, envelope and more, invitation card, flyers, T-shirts, uniform, copywriting, sign of warehouse, exhibition booth design, office design and coordinate, web, and more)

2012~ Osaka, Japan

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