Our society is always lacking something. 
Faced with issues such as climate change, population decline, pandemics, and war, we need to creatively fill the missing parts. However, there are problems and areas that cannot be solved by existing organizations and frameworks, and new frameworks are needed. In such a situation, consortium-type organizations involving companies, local governments, universities, and citizens are essential. is a newly created information platform for such teams and organizations, which can provide activity and event information to members. By widely promoting their activities to external people, it becomes easier to recruit new talent and experimentally advance activities for a better future.

Compensate with creativity and imagination
The brand logo omits a portion of each letter that makes up the logo. By adding those missing parts, the name is visible. This represents the fact that is formed through the participation of various teams and organizations.
In addition, the human brain has the characteristic of making up for missing parts through imagination. The most important part for an organization or government to keep changing is utilizing new technologies and ideas by various teams and organizations. is where these can come together and imagine a future where organizations and administrations can continue to change.
The brand logo of expresses the progressive and experimental nature of this place by purposely eliminating the legibility of the logo.
また、人間の脳は欠けているパーツを想像により補う特性を持っている。 組織や行政が変化し続けるために最も重要なパーツとは、様々なチーム・組織による新たな技術やアイデアの活用であると言えるだろう。 これらが集う場であり、組織や行政の変化し続ける未来を想像できる場がLab.orgである。

Client: Loftwork Inc.
Logo concept & design: Hiromi Maeo (enhanced Inc.)

2022 Tokyo, Japan

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