3RD GEAR, a subsidiary of SEPTENI HOLDINGS, is a company that aims to create a new Internet where creators can shine by creating direct and new connections between creators and users through the use of the Web3 technology platform.
株式会社セプテーニ・ホールディングス傘下の株式会社3RD GEARは、Web3の技術基盤の活用によりクリエイターとユーザーの直接的で新しい繋がりを生み出し、クリエイターが輝ける新しいインターネットの創造を目指す企業である。
Toward the future of new connections

The brand symbol of 3RD GEAR is an image of "creator creativity" and "user identity" extended and connected through the spread of Web3 and represents "the realization of the creator economy" and "a new form of networking. In addition, the shape of the symbol itself represents an arrow moving toward the future that 3RD GEAR is aiming for.
The symbolic color blue evokes the vastness of the sky and the depth of the ocean, representing the infinite possibilities that can be found by taking on the challenge of the new domain of Web3. Additionally, blue reminds us of science and technology, making it a color that foreshadows the arrival of the future with the development of new technologies related to Web3. To emphasize the significance of this blue color and add an impression of sophistication, we have combined it with a dark blue-gray logotype.
3RD GEARのブランドシンボルは、Web3の普及によって「つくりてのクリエイティビティ」と「ユーザーのアイデンティティ」がそれぞれ拡張、延伸されて繋がった姿であり、「クリエイターエコノミーが実現した姿」かつ「新しいネットワークの形」である。 加えて、シンボル形状そのものが3RD GEARの目指す未来へと進む矢印を表す。

Client: 3RD GEAR, Inc.
Co-creation: Issey Ukai (3RD GEAR, Inc.)
Logo concept & graphic design: Hiromi Maeo (enhanced Inc.)

2023 Tokyo, Japan

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