yUKI TAKESHIMA is a global makeup artist who provides makeup for celebrities visiting Japan such as Lady Gaga and Miranda Kerr and plays an active role in collaborating with renowned cosmetics and fashion brands, and backstages of domestic and international fashion shows including Paris Collection. It is also a cosmetic brand that provides original products that emerged from her experience.
We enhanced Inc. worked with Seekers Base Japan Corp on its comprehensive rebranding (naming/logo/update sales channels including web and social network/product development, etc.).​​​​​​​
yUKI TAKESHIMAは、レディ・ガガやミランダ・カーといった海外セレブリティの日本国内でのメイクアップを担当し、有名コスメブランドやファッションブランドとのコラボレーション、パリコレをはじめとする国内外ファッションショーのバックステージ等でも活躍する世界的なメイクアップアーティストであり、彼女の経験から生まれたオリジナル商品を販売するコスメブランドである。
enhanced Inc.は、Seekers Base Japan Corpとともに、包括的なリブランディング (ネーミング / ロゴ / WebやSNS等の販売チャネル刷新および追加 / 商品開発等) に携わった。
We started by finding the following elements that became the pillars of the new brand.

● Beauty emerging from polarity: 
A new beauty created by multiplying relative elements - Elegant x Punk / Traditional x Innovation / Chic x Pop / Formal x Casual / Japan x Global / Fineness x Boldness, etc.

● Departure from status quo: 
Infinite possibilities of choice and its acquisition - You can change (You Transform) / You have infinite possibilities within.

● Development of individuality: 
Drive transformation in customer awareness - Breakthrough the frame of the status quo

Then, we worked on developing the logo and visual identity that combined these elements.

● 両極性から生まれる美:
相対要素を掛け合わせて創造される新しい美 - エレガント x パンク / 伝統 x 革新 / シック x ポップ / フォーマル x カジュアル / 日本 x グローバル / 繊細 x 大胆 等

● 既成概念からの脱却:
無限の選択可能性とその獲得 - あなたは変われる (You Transform) / あなたは無限の可能性を秘めている

● 主体性の育成:
客の意識変化の促進 - 既成概念の枠を打ち破る

We found the solution in a dynamic logo utilizing the initials of the name. As a result, the logo was created with a unique and striking impression that does not fit in the status quo of a cosmetic brand, in which various highlight colors and patterns can be used, and the symbol shape also changes.

- The contrast created by the highlight colors (or pattern) and the base colors represents "the beauty created by multiplying relative elements (polarity)".

- The characters “YT” (the initial letter of “yUKI TAKESHIMA” and the initial letter of “You Transform (you can change)”) and the transformational area connecting them structures the change in color and shape of the symbol, which represents "departure from status quo” and "development of customer's individuality".
Furthermore, this change in color and shape symbolizes the infinite possibilities of choice held by each customer, representing the diverse customer's self "ness" itself.
Moreover, it is yUKI TAKESHIMA and its products that help the customers to find their own selflessness.

This new logo will be used accordingly from product sales channels such as websites and new products. Existing product logos will also be replaced accordingly.

● 強調色 (またはパターン) とベース色のコントラストは、「相対要素 (両極性) をかけ合わせて創造される美」を表す。​​​​​​​

● ​​​​​​​YTの文字 (「yUKI TAKESHIMA」の頭文字であり「You Transform (あなたは変われる) 」の頭文字) とそれらを繋ぐトランスフォームエリアから構成されるシンボルの色と形状の変化は、「既成概念からの脱却」と「顧客の主体性育成」を表す。さらに、この色と形状の変化は、それぞれの顧客が持つ無限の選択可能性を象徴しており、十人十色の顧客自身「らしさ」そのものを表す。そして、顧客が自らの「らしさを手に入れる」手助けするのがyUKI TAKESHIMAでありそのプロダクトである。​​​​​​​

Client: LOOP.Inc
Management & Branding: Seekers Base Japan Corp
Creative art direction, Logo concept & design, Logo guidelines, Development support for new products, Web, Sticker, etc.: Hiromi Maeo (enhanced Inc.)
Portrait photos: Akinori Ito (aosora)
Product photos: Yoshitsugu Enomoto​​​​​​​

2018~ Tokyo, Japan

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