Edut is an educational content making platform for adaptive learning. It solves problems that conventional education has been having by applying the big data analysis technology called sensing, which processes the characteristic patterns from data array. By uploading educational contents to Edut, education apps optimized to each person will be processed automatically for iPhone, iPad, Android, web services, etc. Edut won the grand prize in "Slogan Viling Ventures", the seed accelerator program for EdTech area in Japan. Enhanced Inc. participated in developing brand identity of this new service.

Edutは、データ配列の中から特徴的パターンを抽出するセンシングというビッグデータ解析技術を教育分野に応用することで、従来の教育方法が抱えていた問題を解決するAdaptive learningのための教育コンテンツ生成プラットフォームである。教材コンテンツをEdutへアップロードすることで、ひとりひとりに最適化された教育アプリがiPhoneやiPad、android、Webサービス等へ自動生成される。このEdutは、日本におけるEdTech領域でのアクセラレータプログラム”Slogan Viling Ventures”においてグランプリを獲得した。enhanced Inc.は、この新しいサービスのブランドアイデンティティ開発に携わった。

Problems of conventional education methods
Until today, teachers had to grasp each student's academic level as much as possible, and then provide the suitable but various and vast educational contents. Also, students are grouped by academic level with tests prior to class selection, enabling the method to change teaching materials and methods depeding on class. However, such method is rough in granularity, making it far from ideal education many educators dream of.


Develop the unique brand identity showing the Edut service as a whole

Adaptive learning by Edut enables providing optimized content for each person, according with the diversity of educational contents. We made a replacement of this Edut service as an abstract diagram. In doing so, dots were placed as the diverse contents and according Edut technology. With this diagram, we thought Edut symbol should have the following elements.

- The symbol's look changes (shows contents optimized for each student)
- The symbol's basic shape does not change (shows the common platform Edut)

In order to express the above, symbol has to change statically and dynamically.

EdutによるAdaptive learningは、多種多様な教育コンテンツに呼応して一人ひとりに最適化された学習内容を提供することができる。私たちはこのEdutというサービスそのものを概念図として置き換えてみた。その際、多種多様な教育コンテンツとそれに呼応するEdutのテクノロジーをドットとして捉えた。この概念図により、Edutのシンボルには以下の要素が含まれるべきであると考えた。

• シンボルのルックスが変化する(生徒それぞれに最適化された教育コンテンツを表す)
• シンボルの基本的な形状は変化しない(Edutという共通プラットフォームを表す)

Static basic logo can exist as a logo. However, we thought the Moire produced by the static and dynamic layers of dots personify the adaptive learning by Edut. Patterns and color changes by the Moire effect created the logo with a simple shape but also visually unique. Also the Moire represents "Educe", the origin of word Edut meaning to draw out each students hiding talent and potential.

By multiplying the CMYK colors, we are able to reproduce most of visible light colors. Just as alike, multiplying conventional educational methods with Edut makes it possible to optimize education for most of the people. In either case, output result contains diversity, so no distinct color is applied in Edut color scheme. Black produced by crossing CMYK is the only basic color. (Compatible with RGB of course.)

Brand identity collateral
The diversity, produced by optimization expressed with symbols, is expressed as well in designing business cards and envelopes. Business card provided to single personnel have 48 types since the difference of angles and colors. For the envelope, we adopted typical several types of dot combinations.

Client: Edut
Agency: OUT AND ABOUT Co., Ltd.
Range of work: Visual identity development, Business card, Envelope,Sticker...

2015 Tokyo, Japan

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