Everything is made from Materials. While FAB has generalized and digitized things/services sprout every day, in Japan still exists amazing traditional materials and techniques. (Lacquerware, textile, canvas, wood, synthetic plastic, chip, sensors, etc.) New or old/tangible or not, taking anything as Material, MTRL Kyoto / Tokyo are creative lounges that debuted in Dec. 2015. Here Materials meet new technologies and creatives. New trends arise with creators, academics, and companies collaborating.
Design For Asia Award 2016: Silver Award
A'Design Award & Competition: Silver A' Design Award 2017​​​​​​​

Client: Loftwork Inc.
Range of work: Identity construction, VI guideline, Art direction, Various brand identity collateral, Sign​​​​​​​
Photo: Akira Moriuchi, Mayumi Ishikawa, Tatsuya Iwasaki, Takashi Maki (Loftwork Inc.)
Official web design:  Dai Yoshinaga (ADRIATIC)
Architecture: Fumihiko Sano (studio PHENOMENON)

2015~ Tokyo / Kyoto, Japan

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