The General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs (浙商总会 - GAZE)

The General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs (浙商总会 - GAZE), newly established in Zhejiang province is a non-profit organization with Jack Ma (Ma Yun / 马云) the founder of Alibaba Group as the first chairman. 
In October 2015, enhanced Inc. received a request to participate in the international competition for the total visual identity proposal of the organization. 
To make the proposal, what we did first was to obtain information on the history and the present of Zhejiang province. 
After hearing about such information, we depend further. 
By inflating concepts and ideas based on various historical materials and information, we conducted a logo system construction that is simple and minimal but also stylish in looks, that could be loved for a long span by not only organization members and people of China but by other countries as well.


Develop the new logo system and visual identity


After several adjustments from the 1st proposal, the logo of The General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs was completed. From now on, this logo will be used in international conferences and forums, official business events, meetings by the government and dignitaries, souvenirs, pins for all members, etc.​​​​​​​
The Vision of GAZE

The General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs  (浙商总会 / GAZE) is to: 
The mission of the organization is to unite all Zhejiang entrepreneurs/businessmen who have been spread all over the world and to promote communication and cooperation among them. 
It is also set to promote the spirit of Zhejiang entrepreneurs/businessmen by holding different conferences, forums, and events in different countries. 
Zhenjiang has many elite entrepreneurs/businessmen all around the globe. Cooperative with others who share the same hometown, the same cultural background, and spirit, will enhance the strength of the organization as a whole as well as be beneficial for individual entrepreneurs/businessmen who belong to the association. 
4 Metaphors of the Symbol
The newly formed The General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs (浙商总会 / GAZE) logo design features the tradition of Chinese culture, the unity of the association’s members, and innovations brought by the integration of those two. 4 metaphors are applied to address such a brand concept.

1. One of the Birth Place of the Civilization - Hemudu: 
Among the ancient artifacts excavated from the ruin of the Hemudu Cultural site (BC5,000~BC4,000), there are hand-woven carpets. The weaving of fibers and crafting them into various shapes of designs in this era marks a symbolic milestone. To commemorate creativity, the design of woven fabric is used as a metaphor for creativity, technology advancement, and innovation.

2. Vertical and Horizontal Pattern of Woven Yarns: 
When yarns are woven together, they turn into strong cloth and they can be woven into larger clots or it can transform into various patterns. 
It is a metaphor that represents the thriving business brought by the unity of its members and also represents the infinite potential and the prosperity of entrepreneurship enabled by the Zhejiang business model connecting with the world.

3. Circle Shape of Globe and Earth: 
The circle shape is used for the metaphor, which expresses the success of the global business being built by Zhanjiang's young entrepreneur’s endeavors. 
Also, the circle is symbolic of the completeness that addresses the superiority of the Zhanjiang business model.

4. Red and Water Blue: 
The color red used in the design is the color of the national flag of the PRC, which expresses the spirit of the PRC, and also expresses the energetic spirits of Zhejiang entrepreneurs and businessmen. 
Blue is the color that addresses constant evolutions and progressiveness. 
When two colors of yarn are woven together, it generates innovation that is vital to the organization’s ultimate prosperity.
Client: The General Association of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs (浙商总会 / GAZE)
Art direction and design: Hiromi Maeo
Project management: Kayoko Tuchiya
Range of work: Visual Identity development

2016~ Zhejiang, PRC

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