IGL - Izanami Game Lab

IGL (Izanami Game Lab) is a new indie game label born in Japan. Named after "Izanami no Mikoto, the creator of numerous gods in Japanese mythology, the company aims to bring beautiful and evolving graphic games to the world.
In 2023, enhanced, Inc. was selected to develop IGL's brand logo and visual identity.
IGL(Izanami Game Lab)は、新しいインディーゲームレーベルとして日本で生まれた。同社は、日本神話で数多くの神々を生んだ「イザナミノミコト」の名を冠し、美しく進化したグラフィックゲームを世界中に提供することを目指している。
The meaning behind the IGL brand symbol is as follows:
First, the symbol, composed of curved lines, expresses IGL's flexible and sharp sensibility. The page-turning silhouette also symbolizes IGL's aim to transcend common sense and move into the future, armed with beautiful and sophisticated graphics born of feminine sensibilities and innovative ideas. Furthermore, it represents the rich design field and the entrance to a new game on a global level.
In addition, the brand symbol, which combines bright color gradations, signifies the transition to the future that IGL is aiming for and represents the vivid and vivid impression that the new games created by IGL will make on people.
Izanami Game Lab

Client: Izanami Game Lab. Inc

Logo concept & graphic design: Hiromi Maeo (enhanced Inc.)

2023 Tokyo, Japan

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