Kappo Ryokan - Yumesaki (割烹旅館ゆめさき)

Beppu city in Oita prefecture is one of Japan's most famous hot spring resorts.
Built-in 1972 in Beppu, "Kappo Ryokan - Yumesaki, a traditional Japanese ryokan (hotel), has been loved by guests for its tranquil Japanese atmosphere and authentic Kappo-style cuisine.
Beautifully renovated in 2020 by architect Fumihiko Sano, Yumesaki is now reborn.
We enhanced Inc. constructed the logo, logo guidelines, and various graphic designs for Yumesaki.
enhanced Inc.は、このゆめさきのロゴ・ロゴガイドライン策定、各種グラフィックデザイン等を行なった。

Yumesaki’s new branding strategy presented by the client was as follows:

● Tranquility: 
Not luxurious or glamorous, but quiet and secluded. Space away from the busy secular world. 

● Those in the know, know the ryokan: 
It is the ryokan where guests become repeat customers and want to recommend it to their acquaintances.

● Kappo-cuisine that entertains:
Kappo cuisine, which is rare today, can be enjoyed from various beautiful vessels and arrangements.

Based on the above, we focused on the keywords Tranquility, Expanse, and Vessel to construct the new brand symbol.

● 閑寂さ: 

● 知る人ぞ知る宿: 

● 楽しませる割烹料理: 


The metaphor of the new brand symbol is large and small ripples on the surface of calm and serene water or hot spring.
These ripples symbolize the following.

● Feel of happiness staying at Yumesaki spreading in the hearts of its guests.
● Reputation spreading from guests that visited Yumesaki.
● Vessels of various sizes. The way joy spreads in the hearts of the customers who enjoy the food served in those dishes.
● The new management style of the ryokan expands around Yumesaki. Growth of the business scale of Yumesaki.
● How various Oita crafts spread from the new gallery of Yumesaki.

Also, the Japanese family crest was used as the visual motif of the brand symbol, intended to evoke the Yumesaki tradition and Japanese feel.

● ゆめさきに滞在して良かったという想いがお客様の心の中に拡がっていく様。
● ゆめさきに訪れたお客様からその評判が拡がっていく様。
● さまざまな大きさの料理の器。その器に盛り付けられた料理を愉しむお客さまの心の中に嬉しさが拡がっていく様。
● ゆめさきを中心として拡がっていく新しい旅館経営スタイル。成長するゆめさきの事業規模。
● 新設されるゆめさきのギャラリーから様々な大分県内クラフトが発信され拡がっていく様。


Also, concentric circles that construct the brand symbol, are used for various signs in the ryokan. 
The motifs for each are as follows.

● Restaurant Sakura: Stacked vessels and chopsticks
● Banquet Hall Muku: Silhouettes of people dining / many vessels used at a dinner
● Reception: Doorbell
● Lavatory: Western-style toilet seat viewed from above
● Bathhouse: Ripples spreading on the hot spring water surface

● 食事処「桜」: 重ねられた器と箸
● 宴会場「椋」: 会食する人々のシルエット/使用される多くの器
● 受付: 呼び鈴
● 御手洗: 上から見た洋式便座
● 浴場: 湯船に拡がる波紋

In October 2020, Yumesaki reopened. The number of guests has steadily grown since then.

Client: GENKAI Capital Management Co., Ltd.
Supervision: Yusuke Mawatari (team Lab kids)
Architect: Fumihiko Sano (Fumihiko Sano Studio)
Logo concept & graphic design: Hiromi Maeo (enhanced Inc.)

2020 Oita, Japan

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