Soden Inc. - EV charging platformer

As the shift towards EVs gains momentum worldwide, the key to the growth of the EV market in Japan is the proliferation of EV charging infrastructure.
Soden Inc. has a mission to "create an open world where everyone can freely manipulate electricity, and as one of the few EV charging platform providers in Japan that handles both software and hardware, the company aims to solve the challenges of EV charging infrastructure in Japan by making use of ideas and technology and to continue to revolutionize the way EV charging is done from the ground up.
We were involved in the development of the Soden logo, logo guidelines, etc.
The Soden Inc. brand logo adopts a simple logotype with a continuous structure of circles. This logotype connects the strings of "So" (操: manipulate) and "den" (電: electricity) with a gradient that changes from green to blue, representing the following:

• Transition to a new era:
It symbolizes the transition to the "open world where anyone can freely manipulate electricity" created by Soden. This means breaking away from the conventional wisdom and transitioning to a new era.
• Automobile/power source:
The circular parts of "o" and "d" are seen as tires, and the gradient part is seen as the power source (battery) of an EV, respectively, to indicate that Soden is a company related to EV charging.
株式会社操電のブランドロゴは、連続する円形状を基調としたシンプルなロゴタイプを採用している。このロゴタイプは、So (操る)とden (電気)の文字列を緑から青へ変化するグラデーションで繋ぐことで、以下を表している: 

• 新時代への変革: 
• 自動車/動力源: 
The color green evokes stability and reliability. The bright blue color evokes the vast blue sky that stretches out forever, suggesting a bright and prosperous future and innovation. By combining these two colors in a gradient, Soden's service, which continues to innovate EV charging with ideas and technology, symbolizes not only the normalization of stability and reliability but also the bright and prosperous future that it will achieve.

Client: Soden Inc.
Logo concept & graphic design: Hiromi Maeo (enhanced Inc.)

2023 Tokyo, Japan

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