Rakfice (ラクフィス)

Rakfice, newly released by PERSOL INNOVATION CO., LTD. is an innovative cloud management package that allows you to outsource all the cumbersome back-office operations (human resources, labor, financial accounting, management systems, rules, general affairs, intellectual property, and legal affairs) of corporate operations. The service will help startups achieve a more productive environment where they can focus on their core business and make quicker decisions.
PERSOL INNOVATION CO., LTD. which runs Rakfice, is a group company of PERSOL HOLDINGS CO., LTD., which provides services to solve social problems related to people and organizations in Japan and overseas. It is responsible for creating new businesses and promoting open innovation.

Starting in 2019 enhanced Inc. provided Rakfice logo construction, logo guideline development, UI/UX design for website and product, and design and art direction for various sales tools.
パーソルイノベーション株式会社により新しくリリースされたラクフィスは、企業運営に関わる煩雑なバックオフィス業務(人事労務 / 財務経理 / 管理システム / 規程 / 総務 / 知財法務)をまるごとアウトソーシングできる革新的なクラウド経営パッケージである。このサービスは、スタートアップ企業のコア業務に集中できる生産性の高い環境の実現、ならびに、素早い意思決定を支援する。

enhanced Inc.は、2019年よりラクフィスのロゴ構築、ロゴガイドライン策定、WEBやプロダクトのUI/UXデザインおよび各種セールスツールのデザイン・アートディレクション等を行なった。
We started with building the logo for this new service. However, the service name had not been finalized at this point, so several logo plans were created based on the two potential names.
At the same time, we worked with the client to create several tools for initial sales.
Below are the four metaphors finally decided for the Rakfice brand symbol.

#1. The bow of a high-speed ship (Rakfice): 
The high-speed ship (Rakfice) proceeds to the destination (business success, goal) with the dream that the start-up company wants to achieve.

#2. Waves: 
The wave (wave drag: cumbersome tasks for companies) is created at the bow of the ship as the ship moves forward (as the start-up company operates). 
This will disperse the management resources of startups and hinder their growth.
The high-speed ship (Rakfice, which eliminates cumbersome back-office tasks) that chugs through the waves and goes strong, helps startups reach their destination (business success, goal).

#3. fins/rudder: 
Underwater fins and rudders play an important role in guiding the ship on a secure route to its destination while stabilizing the hull.
From here, Rakfice means that it is always behind the scenes assisting startups to make speedy progress towards their destination (business success, goals) with peace of mind.

#4. arrow to the right: 
The arrow points to the future destination (business success, goal) of the start-up company.

#1. 高速船の舳先: 

#2. 波: 

#3. フィン/ラダー: 

#4. 右に進む矢印: 
Based on the metaphors of the brand's symbol, we created a color palette based on a light blue color reminiscent of the sea for the Rakfice logo.​​​​​​​
In May 2020, the Rakfice service was officially launched.
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Logo concept & design, Logo guidelines, UI(WEB/Product), A4 Leaflet, Slide for sales, Slide template, Art direction, and more: Hiromi Maeo (enhanced Inc.)

2019~2020 Tokyo, Japan

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