“bouncy” is a distributed video media for the millennial generation, specializing in the latest technologies and gadget news.
Viibar inc., which runs bouncy, is a Japanese company that conducts video marketing and video media business. They are envisioning to realize effective video communication with their video creator network, which is the largest in Japan, and their scientific approach.
Likes on bouncy’s Facebook page exceed well over 400,000. Also from August 2017 for a limited time, videos were broadcasted to the in-train mini-screens of the 9 main lines of Tokyo metropolitan trains (JR Yamanote Line, JR Chuo line, etc.). Not just online, the recognition of bouncy is continuing to expand offline.​​​​​​​
bouncyを運営するViibar inc.は、動画マーケティングおよび動画メディア事業を行う日本企業である。彼らは自らが保持する日本最大の動画クリエイターネットワーク、および、科学的アプローチにより効果的な動画コミュニケーション実現を目指している。
All letters that make up the bouncy logo are composed of concentric circles of two sizes. The small circle represents the source video of the news, and the big circle represents the video’s attractiveness enhanced by Viibar's in-house editing and optimization. To form the logo, the circles spread out from side to side, and from top to bottom. This shows that the news is spread online such as on social networks.​​​​​​​
Client: Viibar inc.
Art direction, Logo concept, Graphic design: Hiromi Maeo (enhanced Inc.)

2016~2017, Tokyo, Japan

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