Campanio is a space newly born in city Esaka of Osaka prefecture with a co-working space/cafe/restaurant/hotel etc. As the name means "bread sharing friends" in Latin, it positions itself as a space that accelerates business by having the members connect and collaborate through their businesses. 
At campanio, a communicator resides as a hub to promote communication among members. We adopted a mechanism that campanio members can easily connect by business through this communicator. As mutually beneficial members are connected to each other, the possibility of business widens more vastly and a strong community is nurtured, which will further develop business. Also, to solve the various problems that may arise in business, tax accountants, labor consultants, and lawyers are casually available for advice. 
Currently, campanio is aiming to create a new business of the next generation and human resource development for such purpose. 
Enhanced Inc. took part in campanio’s concept design, VI construction, and spacial design direction.

At campanio's cafe space, you can also enjoy original specialty coffee, beer, and snacks. Delicious coffee and beer also serve as a key for communication to enhance the conversation. Space is also arranged to facilitate mutual communication.

Campanio’s logo and the pattern is structured with concentric circles that motifs connection and community.

For each shop to be developed in the future, specific patterns will be set, but all patterns will be based on the common circle grid that forms the logo.
This circle grid is a traditional Japanese pattern called Shippou Monyou (Cloisonne pattern) and was used since the ancient times in the Nara period. Shippou in Buddhism represents gold, silver, lapis, glass, shaked shellfish, coral, and agate, meaning treasure of the world. It is a Kissho pattern, showing the chain reaction from one circle to another that expresses peace, harmony, and encounters. For venture and startup companies, relationships and communication between people are very important and valuable elements just like the above-mentioned Shippou. The circle grid used in the logo and the patterns represents such importance.

Client: campanio
Art direction, Visual identity development, Concept design, Graphic design, Spatial design supervision: Hiromi Maeo (enhanced Inc.)
Interior design: Akihiro Mukaida (SOGU), Kana Murano (SOGU), Toshihiro Kawakami

Photos: Yoshitsugu Enomoto
Agency: OUT AND ABOUT Co.,Ltd. 

2017~, Osaka, Japan

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